A WOMAN who lived with scores of dead animals in a “malodorous and dirty” Bournemouth flat has admitted animal cruelty charges.

Charmaine Collins, 28, pleaded guilty to six charges, which related to her care of animals at a flat in Hamilton Road in November last year.

During a hearing at Poole Magistrates’ Court yesterday, it was heard that animals including dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs were confined to unsuitable environments in the property and a shed outside.

The animals were kept in small spaces contaminated with faeces. In many cases, they were kept alongside dead animals.

Collins admitted three counts of causing unnecessary suffering to protected animals and three of duty of person responsible for animal to ensure welfare.

It was heard more than 190 animals were found at the flat and in a shed. Of those found, 61 were already dead.

As part of the charges, the defendant admitted failing to provide adequate nutrition and water for three guinea pigs, eight chickens, two ducks and five rabbits over the course of a week.

A rabbit and four hamsters were among a range of pets not provided with enough water on at least five days.

RSPCA inspectors discovered two rabbits in a plastic storage tub. The space was so small the creatures were prevented from moving in any direction.

Hamsters, rabbits, mice, caged birds, dogs and cats were confined to unsuitable environments, it was heard.

Matthew Knight, prosecuting, told the court more than 190 animals were found in the flat and the shed.

The hearing was adjourned for a pre-sentence report to be prepared. The sentencing hearing will take place on Monday, July 23.

An application from the RSPCA to transfer ownership of 126 seized animals from the property was also adjourned to the same date.

Police were called to the address in Hamilton Road by RSPCA officials on the night of Thursday, November 16, 2017. Officials were inside the property for two days.