A TRUCK was used to mow down fencing around a Bournemouth playing field, causing thousands of pounds’ worth of damage.

Slades Farm has been a target for anti-social behaviour, with Saturday’s wrecking spree the latest in a string of incidents dealt with by police and Bournemouth council recently.

The council’s parks development team has been working with Active Dorset to build a replacement pavilion building after the former one was demolished.

However, one of the construction company’s trucks was broken into overnight and driven through two fences.

A bench was also reportedly damaged.

Wallisdown and Winton West councillor Nigel Hedges said the vandals caused around £2,000 worth of damage.

“It’s baffling how concentrated, focussed and violent the vandalism has been at Slades Farm in the last six to nine months. It’s really saddening for the people who care about the place.” He added the old pavilion building was a frequent target of anti-social behaviour and hoped the replacement facility would deter potential vandals.

In January, the pavilion’s kitchen was damaged and furniture was burned. The attack followed similar incidents in August and September.

“The new pavilion features the latest designs in ergonomics – it’s square, block-y and has rolling steel shutters. Hopefully we’ll find it is respected and appreciated,” Cllr Hedges said.

“Slades Farm is a glorious area – I want people to enjoy it as it’s a huge community asset.”

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said Saturday’s incident was reported to the force shortly after 7am.

“Somebody took a loader/dumper truck and drove it through a fence before driving it further across the park and taking down another fence.

“No arrests have been made.”

Parks development manager Michael Rowland said security had been stepped up in the area ahead of the new pavilion building being installed.

“There was a break-in of the council compound last weekend during which fencing was damaged and a mini digger moved," he said.

“Plant and machinery are being stored even more securely now and we would welcome any information from residents and encourage anyone witnessing suspicious or anti-social behaviour to contact the police immediately."

He added: “The council is leading on a multi-partner approach to reducing crime and anti-social behaviour in and around the park to make sure that Slades Farm becomes a safer place for the community. We won’t be deterred from providing the facilities that the vast majority of law-abiding residents need to lead happy and healthy lives.”

As reported in the Daily Echo last week, a resident in the area said a teenager on a motorcycle repeatedly tried to knock him over while he walked across the playing field. Residents have suffered issues with motorcyclists on the field on and off for several years.

Police said they were aware of the ongoing issues with anti-social behaviour in the area and regularly carried out patrols in a bid to clampdown on the problems.