THE HORROR of tinnitus - constant, unwelcome, intrusive noises in the head can't always be stopped but sufferers can be helped by joining a support organisation.

That's the reason why Bournemouth Tinnitus Support Group is taking part in a national celebration to highlight the positive impact groups like these can have on people living with the condition.

The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) is celebrating reaching the milestone of having 100 local support groups all over the United Kingdom which help people living with the debilitating hearing condition.

Chief executive of the BTA David Stockdale, said: “We’ve worked hard to develop a strong network of these groups over the last few years, and are really pleased that Bournemouth has such a proactive group in place, offering those with tinnitus access to the support network they need.”

Tinnitus, described as a sensation or awareness of sound that is not caused by a real external sound source, affects approximately six million people in the UK – around ten percent of the population.

Approximately half of those patients find it moderately or severely distressing, with complaints of intrusiveness, emotional stress, insomnia, auditory perceptual problems and difficulties with concentration. 

Keeley Salmon, from Bournemouth Tinnitus Support Group, said: “We currently have 44 members and the group has been running for over 30 years supporting those who have tinnitus in this area.

“We always welcome new members and we would encourage anyone in our area who is struggling with tinnitus to get in touch with us to find out more.”

*BTA’s confidential freephone helpline is on 0800 018 0527.