A HEIGHT barrier and temporary locking bollards have been installed at a prominent Poole car park, in a bid to stop travellers gaining access.

The measures have been taken at Poole's Kingland Road car park, also known locally as the swimming pool car park.

Eventually the locking bollards will be replaced by permanent electronically rising ones at the entrance.

Borough of Poole (BOP) cabinet portfolio holder Cllr John Rampton said: "We have been installing a number of security measures across various public open spaces and car parks across Poole to prevent unauthorised encampments entering and using the sites, including the temporary measures in Kingland Road for the summer while we await the permanent bollards for the site."

Earlier this year, after travellers had repeatedly gained access to Poole Park via Copse Close, BOP put in large boulders alongside the road to prevent unauthorised access.

Previous measures to deter unauthorised encampments have also taken place at Harbourside Park and Hamworthy Park.

Cllr Rampton added: "There is currently a national consultation, being run by the Ministry of Communities and Local Government, on 'Powers for dealing with unauthorised development and encampments'.

"I'd encourage all Poole residents and visitors to make their views on the matter known to respond to this consultation before June 15."

Unauthorised encampments have often sprung up at the Kingland Road car park.

Poole resident Rebecca Moore said: "On the whole, this is a good thing to have here. People often complain of feeling intimidated by the travellers when they set up at the back of the car park.

"Obviously, the down side is that people with larger vehicles, like camper vans, who are legitimately visiting will not be able to get into the car park anymore."

Another neighbour, who asked not to be named, told the Echo: "When the travellers are here it is usually just before a bank holiday, making it hard for the council to go to the courts.

"But they're evicted pretty quickly. We do get noise on the nights and some dogs running around, but I've heard worse stories from elsewhere."

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