A POOLE man is refusing to move his car from the road outside his house in protest of double yellow lines being painted.

Furious Victoria Road resident Shaun Brian is making a stand after Poole council announced it would be extending the yellow lines on Creech Road. The work was due to be carried out on Friday.

Shaun, who lives at the junction of the two roads, says parking for residents is becoming increasingly difficult due to the restrictions.

The 63-year-old received a letter from a council traffic technician on Tuesday warning him that if he failed to move his vehicle, the police may be called "to ensure the works can be carried out".

His car is currently parked on the remaining, three-metre stretch where the lines are yet to be painted.

The council said the double yellow lines were necessary as bin lorries have been struggling to access Creech Road.

The council's letter states Shaun's car is "obstructing the Borough of Poole acting as the Highway Authority from carrying out their statutory duties".

However, Shaun thinks extending the existing double yellow lines on the narrow road is “excessive”.

“It’s an urban area and parking is an issue. The council painted some of the double yellow lines a few weeks ago and I didn’t move my vehicle. There’s no other way of stopping them from doing this,” he said.

“These double yellow lines will limit the number of parking spaces available – it’s been cut by two already. The problem is, if I can’t park outside my house, then I’ll be irritating people by parking outside theirs. The problem just gets moved further down the road.”

Shaun added the council was “determined to make life difficult for local residents” with the measures.

“A few of my neighbours complained to the council when they advertised the double yellow lines. I spoke to our local councillor Malcolm Farrell who was very sympathetic,” he said.

“I’m sure they’ll finish the work in the end, but I’m so angry about it. It doesn’t make sense to do it.”

Steve Dean, of growth and infrastructure at Poole council, said: “Waste operatives have had great difficulty in regularly accessing Creech Road. As such, we advertised the proposed double yellow lines for 28 days from November 30, 2017, and had marked as much of the lines as we could.

“A parked car prevented the liners from getting the last few metres of line in and we’ll be returning to complete the lines.”

He added: “We appreciate that parking space is in short supply in this area, but we have a responsibility to keep access clear for service vehicles.”