A BOGUS cosmetic surgeon who injected two female clients with fake Botox has been jailed for four years.

Ozan Melin, 42, left his victims in severe pain and with lasting damage to their faces after using an "unknown and extremely dangerous substance" on them.

Marcelle King and Carol Kingscott's faces puffed up so much they couldn't see and Mrs King had to be hospitalised after suffering a reaction similar to anaphylactic shock.

Mrs King said she thought she was going to die and Ms Kingscott said she considered suicide because of the disfigurement to her face.

Melin denied causing the women grievous bodily harm and claimed he had never told the women he was medically trained or a doctor.

However, he was convicted following a trial at Bournemouth Crown Court.

Police have described the case as a "landmark", as it is the first of its kind to be brought against a bogus Botox practitioner.

Ms Kingscott, 57, received treatment in Bristol in November 2011. Her face became badly swollen and bruised and she was affected for a year after the injections were administered.

In 2013 Mrs King, 62, arranged an appointment at a beautician's home in Poole. She was hospitalised due to the effects of the fake Botox, and continues to suffer its ill-effects. The muscle above her brow has been permanently damaged, leaving her in constant pain.

A forensic plastic surgeon who examined the women said the substance they were injected with had "no Botox effect" and the court heard Melin had not got it from Allergan, the company that manufactures the product, but from China.

Prosecutors said Melin's company website Smooth Face Botox stated he had medical qualifications.

The defendant, of Uxbridge in Middlesex, was jailed following a sentencing hearing this afternoon.

Judge Brian Forster said Melin's business was "built on lies".

"You betrayed the trust those ladies placed in you, clearly putting profit before safe procedure," the judge said.

Detective Sergeant Karen Penn of Bournemouth CID praised the victims for their "strength and commitment" during a "long and complex" case.

"This was due to the difficulty in gathering the evidence against Melin, examining data devices, obtaining statements from medical agencies, pharmaceutical companies, regulators and expert witnesses from across the world including the United States of America and China," she said.

"The impact on Melin's victims has been huge. They believed they were seeing a qualified professional and were receiving genuine Botox injections.

"This was not the case and as a result their lives have been significantly disrupted due to the severe swelling and pain caused and also mental distress.

"Long term they have been left with disfigurement and paralysis of varying degrees.

"Melin is a sophisticated manipulator who targeted the women for financial gain. He has shown no remorse for any of his victims.

"I hope his victims can now find some comfort in the fact he is firmly behind bars.

"My advice to anyone considering Botox treatment would be to ensure you know who is providing the treatment and that they are legitimate. You can contact a company such as Saveface, who have a register of approved technicians.

"Never take a person on their word no matter how plausible they may sound, as was the case with Melin."

Melin was found not guilty of a third offence against complainant Jozette Sheppard, because she could not be sure whether Melin told her he was medically trained before she had the treatment.