I TOTALLY object in the strongest terms to the claims of Councillors Eades and Le Poidevin in the Echo Tuesday (June 6) that the funfair is unwelcome in Branksome Rec.

The vast majority of residents wholeheartedly enjoy the fair and very much welcome it and were very upset when it was stopped some 10 years ago with no consultation with the public at large, the same lack of consultation these councillors now complain of.

The fact is those that object are those who live nearby and have over the years taken the view Branksome Rec is their personal private recreation ground, not for all of us in Parkstone and Poole.

But then councillors Eades and Le Poidevin are the same councillors who whipped up opposition to Poole Town football club coming to the recreation ground 10 years ago, ignoring the fact this is a public recreation ground for everyone.

Bottom line thank you Poole Council, please bring in the fair every year. We love it, the children love it, and our grandchildren. It's a great British summertime tradition. Any doubts, then run a local referendum and I have no doubt the vast majority will support the fair, as seen in the large numbers in their hundreds that will visit every day.


Uppleby Road, Parkstone