IN all the years following issues in the Echo I have not read a more misleading account of a local issue than that given by Chris Hurlock on his failed enterprise in Alexandra Park.

On Mr Hurlock's account the site was leased by his company Harbour Challenge from Poole Council "for the community" to provide "an old time centre for all in Parkstone to enjoy".

Well excuse me Mr Hurlock but before the Tory gang in Poole council decided to flog off yet another public facility, we had an extremely well maintained bowling green which was for the benefit of "everyone in Parkstone". All that any community could want.

As for Mr Hurlock's claim that it is anti-social behaviour and drugs from rough sleepers that has caused all the problems that is absolutely not the case. I walk round Alexandra Park most mornings early morning and all I have seen for two years is the abandoned bowling green getting worse every year.

Rough sleepers and drugs are not the problem. Parks have had youth problems way back to the 1950s when then we did at least have park keepers. There are no more youth issues in Alexandra than other parks that attract young people.

In this case it is all too clear Harbour Challenge Outdoor Activities have simply got it wrong. They have clearly put in no commitment. The grass area has not been cut in two years. One immaculate bowling green abandoned to wrack and ruin.

In all Mr Hurlock clearly has no local knowledge of Parkstone and indeed it begs the question why ever would a company located in Hamworthy harbour, running outdoor sailing activities and "extreme sport", want to lease a bowling green?

Thank you Poole Council. Once again more outsourced destruction of public services.

JEFF WILLIAMS, Jubilee Road, Parkstone