THE royal wedding was shamefully used to hide the appointment of a further 13 unelected lords against the wishes of the public who have repeatedly shown through public opinion polls that 79 percent of the public think the Lords contains too many cronies or retired/failed politicians.

Other poll results show that 76 percent of the public think the Lords are out of tune with the will of the British public, 79 percent of the public think the Lords is an outdated throwback and 60 percent think the Lords do not provide an effective check on the power of the Commons.

Tory leader Theresa May pledged to cut the size of the Lords by boasting only in February of this year that she favoured a two out, one in "reduction" on the number of lords. But an increasingly angry public, backed by 79 percent of us wanting a speeded-up Brexit, sense that the Tories cannot be trusted to deliver, just as with previous promises made about the House of Lords.

The public has no choice on how taxes are extracted from them, so it’s not unreasonable for the public to have a say on how their hard earned taxes are being spent.

It used to be the Tories’ mantra to claim they believed in small governments and big people. Yet, they continue to allow a political quango such as the Lords to be the second largest political group outside of China while trying to sweep Brexit under the carpet while they're at it!

MIKE FRY, Moorland Crescent, Upton