RIGHT now with our big town stores closing down with many top 'experts' blaming it on Brexit – don't they simply realise that the truth is that although employment might be rising, wages are low and the cost of living and renting is going through the roof?

People just cannot afford to go to high street stores and spend. That is basically why Amazon and outlets like Aldi and Lidl are overtaking them all when it comes to far cheaper and more reasonable public spending.

I mean it appears that the government and big businesses 'want their cake and eat it too!'

They all want low or zero hour wage contracts, rents going through the roof, all utility bills being way out of control, high business rates on local shops that force them to increase their prices. On top of that, we have got austerity cuts to all social welfare, with promises on future high rates of tax for smokers, drinkers and sugar loving consumers.

Then they complain 'Hang on, UK people are not spending enough!'

Well, let me tell you this Mrs May, your Conservatives and all your experts, we also do not have a money tree in our back garden and certainly not one as big as yours.


Wellington Road, Bournemouth