A SECURITY guard will be called in to patrol a building site in Poole after young people filmed themselves exploring the area at night.

The group, believed to be teenagers, posted a video of themselves climbing over fencing bordering the development near Poole railway station where 46 flats are being built.

The three-minute video, which has been uploaded to YouTube, shows the anonymous youngsters climbing up stairs and ladders inside the unfinished development at the junction of Holes Bay Road and Sterte Road.

They then film their viewpoint from the top of the building.

Kerry Ruff, strategic housing and private sector manager for Poole council, said the group’s behaviour was “totally irresponsible” and “we would strongly discourage it”.

“We have made our contractor aware of the incident and they will be reporting the matter to the police. The site already has CCTV and the contractor will now be arranging for a guard to patrol the site to prevent any further occurrences.”

She added: “We hope people appreciate that this is a building site and not a playground.”

Contractors Drew Smith Group are delivering the affordable housing project for Poole council, which is working with Sovereign housing association.

Building work started at the end of 2016.

The group of young people who broke into the building site are the same thrillseekers who climbed on Poole Bridge, as reported in the Daily Echo in March.

One of the group filmed themselves climbing to the top of the lifting bridge at night, dangling his legs briefly over the edge while cars, lorries and buses passed underneath.

The stunt was condemned by local councillors and police who called it “stupid” and “incredibly dangerous”.

A similar stunt nearly ended in tragedy in September when a teenage boy plunged from a multi-storey car park while trying to get onto the roof of Poole’s bus depot.

The boy suffered life-changing injuries following the incident.