A NATIONAL charity which provides care and treatment for dogs belonging to homeless people is looking to establish itself in Bournemouth.

The work of London-based organisation Dogs on the Streets (DOTS) came to the town last month to launch the unique service, in partnership with local homeless support group Second Chance.

Throughout the day in Bournemouth the DOTS team provide veterinary care, grooming, nail trimming and any other support their owners need help with.

Following a session with the team, the charity also gives out, food, leads, collars, dog coats and other essentials to help keep them safe and well-nourished.

"It was really nice to come down to Bournemouth for the first time with the charity," Michelle said.

"We saw a lot of dogs from a local homeless housing hostel and the dogs were great.

"I was quite surprised at the amount of homeless people with dogs there were in the town, but it looks like a lot is being done to address it after it was highlighted in the news a few months ago."

Michelle set up the charity after she took in a dog for a homeless man who was unwell.

After forming a foundation in London, DOTS now visits towns and cities all over the country.

A return to Bournemouth is currently being planned for next month.

The charity's founder said it provides a bridge between the private veterinary care system and other existing charities which homeless people often find difficult to access.

To help find her feet in the town, Michelle has teamed up with Shelley Morris and Haddie Kilner of Second Chance, which provides an outreach service for the homeless community.

Since speaking to the Daily Echo in February, Shelley said the organisation has had a number of success stories and they are looking forward to the continued partnership with DOTS.

"For most of the people their dogs are their world and being able to provide this care for them takes a weight off their shoulders," Shelley said.

"Dogs on the Streets is an invaluable service as they take the support directly to people who need it.

"We're hoping to do an outreach session with them next time the day before the event to make contact with more people so we can support even more people."