A FURIOUS Christchurch councillor has slammed the mindless behaviour of some beachgoers who left stacks of waste piled up by bins that were already overflowing during the recent heatwave.

Cllr Lesley Dedman, literally took matters into her own hands by going to the beach and bagging up the rubbish left strewn around bins early in the morning.

Waste service staff emptied the bins daily over the bank holiday weekend, but the bins still became full very quickly.

The Highcliffe and Mudeford county councillor urged people to take responsibility for their actions and ensure any waste they do have is disposed of correctly.

Among the rubbish she collected, Cllr Dedman said there were soiled nappies, disposable BBQs and a large mix of fast food packaging.

"If you have a baby's nappy that has been used you don't just throw it by a bin. Take it home and dispose of it appropriately," Cllr Dedman said.

"You don't expect the council to have to deal with these issues and it ends up being the local people who are paying to sort the situation out. I was absolutely furious and quite upset when I saw the rubbish piled up there.

"It is just so disappointing to see this at the beach."

Cllr Dedman said the council and Dorset Waste Partnership, who manage waste services in the borough, were forced to remove some of the larger wheelie bins due to vandalism and fly-tipping.

She added this could have had an impact on the rubbish pile up, but stressed ultimately people need to think about the consequences of their actions.

Gemma Clinton, Dorset Waste Partnership's head of service strategy, said all public litter bins around the beaches were emptied daily over the bank holiday, with street cleansing crews emptying overflowing bins at bus-stops and other hot-spot locations.

She added: "Problems with litter and public litter bins can be reported at www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/street-care but we would kindly ask people to please take their litter home if they cannot find a suitable means of disposing of it during their visit.”