TOES were tapping all over town as the hit musical Thoroughly Modern Millie swept into Poole’s Lighthouse for a five night run.

The Tony Award winning tale begins simply enough, with a young country girl moving to New York City in search of an exciting new life.

But among the glitz and glam, new friends and promise of romance, she soon finds that not all is as perfect as it seems amongst the bright lights.

Standby Jessica-Elizabeth Nelson stepped into the lead role of the headstrong Millie Dillmount seamlessly - and earned a standing ovation.

Nelson shone, from her first solo ‘Not for the Life of Me’ to the show stopping ‘Gimme, Gimme’.

Michael Colbourne was terrific as her love interest Jimmy Smith, and the pair’s duet ‘I Turned the Corner’ performed alone on a window ledge proved their star qualities.

This show had it all, from comic characters in the form of evil hotelier Mrs Meers (Lucas Rush) to a grand dame in the shape of Muzzy Van Hossmere, played by Nicola Blackman.

It gave the crowd a delightful taste of the glamourous Jazz Age, but also touched on prohibition and human trafficking.

Millie and her friends have to turn detectives in the second half if they are to save the day, bringing suspense and adventure to what’s otherwise a simple love story.

Based on the 1967 film starring Julie Andrews, Thoroughly Modern Millie has a great plot but really comes into its own in Act Two.

The first Act was fabulous, packed with impressive dance routines and slower numbers to hook you in.

But it was topped by the post interval action, such as a laugh-out-loud funny turn by Richard Meek as a drunk Trevor Graydon and several heartfelt love songs.

Overall, the show was a welcome blast of escapism. There were messages about independence and the importance of love, yet it never lost the party feel.

Take me back to the 20s!

Runs until Saturday, May 19