WEST Way residents say the road is a “rat run” and vehicles race along it on nearly a daily basis.

One man, who did not want to be named, said it was “like living on a race track”.

“I hear bikes, in particular, race down the road, slam on their brakes for the speed camera and speed up again. The council put a ‘not in use’ cover on the camera once, which I removed because people were driving so quickly,” he said.

“It mainly happens at night. I saw a bike come down the road other day travelling at least 80mph. It’s ridiculous.”

Lynn Wall said: “It is a problem. People use the road as a rat run. However, I didn’t expect a crash like this to happen at that time of day.”

Another resident said: “The road is a rat run. I definitely do hear cars and motorbikes racing down the road, especially at night.

“It happens quite a lot and is a big issue. One car came down here too fast and overturned once.”