BOURNEMOUTH Civic Society is supporting a planned building on a town car park – but says more should be done to make up for the loss of the spaces.

Developers are making a second attempt to win permission for a five to six-storey block of 44 flats on the Durley Chine Road car park, which is in a conservation area.

John Soane, built environment consultant for the society, said in his submission on the application: “After much thought we feel that although the modernist/Georgian character of the new building is not exactly similar to the late 19th century, residential appearance of adjacent properties, it is sufficiently complimentary to be reasonably acceptable.”

But he warned that the loss of the car park would “cause considerable difficulties to visitors and residents alike”.

He said the new block, taken together with the smaller buildings that are due to replace the Wessex Hotel, would “restore the balance of built to un built space on this part of the West Cliff”.

He added: “Here we would suggest that a solution might lie in the more efficient use of the West Hill Car Park and a greater latitude by the council to allow more on street parking in neighbouring roads.”