TRAIN lines between Wareham and Weymouth remain closed today.

A Network Rail engineering train broke down between Wareham and Weymouth at the weekend, meaning services were also not running yesterday.

A spokesperson for South Western Railway said: "This specialised train was being used to replace a section of the track and must be fixed on site.

"Until this train is fixed, the missing section of track cannot be relaid. Network Rail engineers are working hard to rectify the issue but, the track may not be fully replaced until Wednesday 16 May. "As a result, no services can run between Weymouth and Wareham in either direction on Tuesday 15 May.

"The overrunning engineering works mean that some trains are out of place.

"Train crews scheduled to work on these trains may also be in a different location and starting work at a different time than they normally would. We've put together new plans to manage this. Some trains may still be delayed waiting for their crew to become available as a result of how quickly we've had to make these changes.

"We advise that you avoid travel between Wareham and Weymouth unless absolutely essential on Tuesday 15 May. You are strongly advised to continue to check for updates."

There will be an hourly replacement bus service between Weymouth and Wareham.