I read with interest Mr Baylis' letter which appeared to blame the council for the congestion on the roads in the area.

The facts are very simple, there are too many cars on the roads and there is nowhere to build new roads which will make any difference.

The days of demolishing streets of houses to make way for new thoroughfares is gone.

No new roads like Wessex Way which saw the demolition of parts of Springbourne are ever likely to happen again, hence the single carriageway section at the Poole end to County Gates and the fact that Princess Road is still standing.

All the council can do is tinker around the edges and mess with junctions. We are also likely to see continuing road works as new buildings go up attracting more traffic and the roads deteriorate. If you want to make the journey twice daily, Mr Baylis, you will have to accept the delays

There is however a simple solution, ban all cars from the roads between 7.30-9.30 am and 4-6.30 pm. Leave the roads available to only buses, motorcyclists, cyclists and delivery vans.

The number of buses and bus routes should be increased to encourage people to use public transport. Companies should be encourage to offer their own bus service to take employees to work.

Schools could use mini buses for teachers and pupils who live further than three miles away. Hospitals and doctors surgeries could also arrange local transport using small buses.

This should overcome the problem of rush hour traffic which is when the high levels of congestion occur.

Looking to the future we could see driverless electric vehicles which hold around 12 passengers, where you pre-book and it automatically combines the journey with other people heading in the same direction, a kind of communal taxi. The vehicles could be fed with the latest traffic information so the quickest routes can be taken.

The message in the short term is clear. If you want to avoid congestion, don't use your car. It's the only way.

PHIL ELLIOTT, Southill Road, Poole