A CHRISTCHURCH primary school has told its pupils 'not to worry' in a heartwarming letter ahead of SATs this week.

Parents and pupils at Christchurch Junior School received a letter last week titled 'Year Six home learning'.

In the letter, they were told: "We are now in the last few weeks before SATs and it is vital that you use your time this weekend wisely.

"This is your homework for the weekend.

"Please complete as many of these activities as possible and tick to say they have been done."

The activities include:

  • Go on a bike/scooter ride

  • Read a book (or some of it, if it's a long book)

  • Watch your favourite TV programme

  • Smile

  • Eat Haribo or ice cream...or Haribo AND ice cream

  • Spend time with the people that you love

  • Laugh until your tummy hurts

  • Go outside and enjoy the weather

  • Go for a swim or a walk

  • Spend time on your favourite hobby

  • Rest

  • See friends

  • Run until you can't run anymore

  • Cook or make something

  • Have more Haribo and ice cream

  • Play in your garden

  • Do something you have never done before.

It concludes: "Most of all, do not worry. Your teachers are in charge of worrying so you don't have to.

"Although these tests are important, the most important things are your personality, what you believe and think, your ideas and the spark inside you that makes you, you.

"We, at CJS, are very proud of each and every one of you. Have a fantastic weekend."

The school is also giving all pupils a glass of squash and a biscuit before they start the tests.

Has your child's school done something similar to relieve the stress of exams? Let us know below