A FIVE-YEAR-OLD boy had to be operated on after suffering a fractured skull when he was hit by a cricket ball.

Harry Butt, from Canford Heath, was rushed to Southampton General Hospital on Wednesday afternoon after a CT scan revealed the fracture.

The youngster was struck on the side of his forehead and knocked off his feet when a cricket ball came flying over the fence of Poole Grammar School last Thursday.

He and his family had been visiting friends Sarah and Luke Bryant in Hasler Road, which backs onto the school’s field, at the time of the accident.

Initially, doctors told Harry’s mother, Michelle, that he was suffering from severe concussion.

He was also left with two black eyes, a swollen nose and sight and hearing problems.

However, Sarah told the Daily Echo that Harry had been “acting very strangely” since his injury, and he was taken back to hospital for further tests.

“Within an hour, they said there was a fracture on his skull that is pressing into his brain,” Sarah said.

She added doctors “couldn’t believe he was still walking”.

Yesterday afternoon, Harry underwent a gruelling, four-hour operation to repair the fracture to his skull.

“It was a pretty bad fracture,” Sarah said.

“The operation was only supposed to take an hour-and-a-half so we were all feeling very nervous.

“He’s back on ward now. He’s feeling sore and fed-up but he’s ok and in recovery,” she added.

Harry is expected to remain in hospital for the next few days while he recovers.

As previously reported, Poole Grammar School is reviewing the scheduling of its cricket matches following the incident.

Residents of Halser Road told the Echo they had complained on numerous occasions about cricket balls coming over the fence and hitting cars and roofs.

Sarah, who is mum to three children aged five, 12, and 14, said she was now concerned about her own children playing outside and had also complained to the school before.