THOUSANDS of homes and businesses in Poole were left without water after major flooding at Fleetsbridge caused by a burst water main. 

The roundabout resembled a lake yesterday, with one lane impassable due to deep water. Pedestrian underpasses were entirely submerged.

Police closed roads coming off the roundabout including Wimborne Road and the Dorset Way while repairs were carried out.

Half of Fleetsbridge Roundabout was coned off, and the A3049 Fleetsbridge Flyover was shut in both directions.

The cycle lane and underpass remains closed today. 

A spokesperson for Wessex Water said the burst water main was reported at around 11am and left “the majority of customers in the Poole area” without water or with reduced pressure.

St Edward’s School in Poole closed at 1.30pm due to the loss of its water supply.

And Poole Hospital also experienced problems with its water supply, however all clinics and procedures went ahead as planned.

At 4.30pm, Wessex Water said all water supplies had been restored. Flooding subsided as engineers pumped water away from the area.

A large team were on site and isolated the affected water main, with repairs continuing throughout the day.

Water was supplied to the area from another part of the supply network.
One resident at the scene told the Echo: “It’s a staggering amount of water. I’m just wondering where it all came from. It built up quite quickly.”

Wessex Water said it took a number of hours for supply to be back to normal for everyone, once water pressure had built up.

A spokesperson said it was a “significant burst” which affected the majority of homes and businesses across Poole.

“Engineers were quickly on site repairing the burst water main, which left a significant number of properties and businesses without water.

“We apologise to customers for the inconvenience caused.”

A Borough of Poole spokesperson said council engineers were also on site at Fleetsbridge Roundabout and were “working hard” with Wessex Water to ensure that traffic could get through and water was restored to homes across Poole.