THE You Are The Media Conference comes to Bournemouth this month.

The Daily Echo-backed marketing conference brings some of the leading names in marketing today to Shelley Theatre on Thursday, May 24.

The You Are The Media project has taken on a number of guises locally, including a monthly lunch club as well as a weekly email and podcast.

Mark Masters, organiser of the conference, who started You Are The Media in 2013, said: “The overall theme is how business can build loyalty. It just happens that we have many places, from our websites to video to audio, to connect with others. So, how do we reach out to build an audience who will stick with you?

“It has never been more important, particularly with GDPR at the end of the month, for businesses to be an owner in every sense of the word. From business to projects, to initiatives you have to own it.”

Speakers include, from the US, Mark Schaefer, marketing practitioner and author of books such as Known and The Content Code. Jason Miller of LinkedIn, author of Welcome To The Funnel, starts the day.

Wimborne-based Tarryn and Tim Poulton from PCOS Diet Support will tell how they built their business via their own personal journey.

Bristol-based author Sonja Jefferson, from marketing consultancy Valuable Content, will provide everyone a map for their own content journey for their business.

Rob Belgrave, chief executive of hosting company Wirehive, will share how he diversified into an annual awards event to celebrate creative and technical talent in the south of England.

Chris Marr from Scottish based Content Marketing Academy will share how he managed to build a loyal community with his subscription and education-based organisation.

Simon Swan from the Met Office will tell how an organisation of over 2,000 people is taking on board a content-driven approach, achieving ‘buy-in’ from the bottom up and participation from within the company.

Mark said: “Delegates will be heading from all corners of the UK and overseas. I wanted to prove that we can bring some of the best marketers in the world to the seaside. We shouldn’t always be having to jump on a train to travel to other towns and cities.

“Let’s showcase to others what we have in Dorset and celebrate a day where we all learn together.”

To read more, see the schedule for the day and to book tickets, visit