ROYAL Bournemouth Hospital’s Acute Pain Team has been shortlisted for a British Medical Journal Award.

The team is among six finalists in the anaesthesia and perioperative medicine category and has been nominated for its work in managing complex surgical pain.

Providing cognitive behavioural therapy, the team helps patients manage their pain after hip and knee replacement surgery.

It involves up to three, 45-minute sessions with a cognitive behavioural therapist to discuss concerns and anxieties relating to the procedure.

Since the service was introduced in 2017, over 150 patients receiving hip and knee surgery have taken advantage of the therapy sessions and, on average, are being discharged two days earlier than patients who opt out of the service.

Dr Elaine O’Shea, consultant anaesthetist who is leading the new service at RBH, said: “We’re delighted to be shortlisted for the award. “The service is in its second year now and we’re seeing very real results for our patients - they’re recovering from their operations far quicker than they would have without the cognitive behavioural therapy and being home in their own environment to recover is the best thing for them.”

The results will be announced on May 10.