BOURNEMOUTH University was forced to take action after anti-semitic posters were found on campus.

The material, which had been produced as stickers and placed on toilet cubicle doors in Poole House at the Talbot Campus, featured a range of images including a Star of David placed on top of the World Trade Centre in New York on 9/11.

Joseph Serfaty, president of Jewish Society at Bournemouth Universities, says he was shocked when he first saw the stickers online and has called for the university to launch an investigation into the matter.

After seeing the posters for himself he immediately initiated the protocol in place to report anti-semitic incidents.

This included contacting Community Security Trust, a charity that works to ensure the safety and security of the Jewish community in the UK, and the national Union of Jewish Students.

He also raised the issue with the Students’ Union at Bournemouth University (SUBU).

Mr Serfaty says the stickers intimidate and antagonise Jewish students by perpetuating historic Nazi-style anti-semitic conspiracy theories.

“It is expressing the view that how we as Jewish people are controlling all the atrocious things that go on in the world. It inflicts the them versus us mentality,” he said.

“In response to it I have never seen so many people on the case of dealing with it, which says two things to me.

“Firstly support is there for the wellbeing of Jewish students and secondly that this sort of thing is a regular occurrence for the national groups. Look at the detailed protocol that is in place.

“The hope from us is Bournemouth University do a thorough investigation to find out what happened.

“This isn’t just a poster someone mocked up overnight.”

Dorset Police confirmed the stickers had been reported to them and the matter had been assigned to the neighbourhood policing team, who work closely with the university.

SUBU President Daniel Asaya condemned the material in a post on his Facebook page. Mr Asaya organised to meet Mr Serfaty this week.

He said: “Sending solidarity to our Jewish students who have had to experience such blatant anti-semitism on our toilet walls today.

"These disgusting stickers have now been taken down and I have contacted Bournemouth University for them to commence investigations and take action.

“No group or individual should feel intimidated or bullied whilst at University and SUBU will continue to condemn and fight against antisemitism, bullying and discrimination in all its forms.”

A Bournemouth University spokesman said they were looking into the matter after the Estates team worked quickly to remove the posters.

“We would like to remind staff and students of BU’s commitment to reporting hate crimes. We take all incidences of abuse seriously and anyone found to have breached these rules will be subject to internal disciplinary proceedings.

"BU, along with the Students' Union at Bournemouth University (SUBU), has signed up as a hate crime reporting centre, and our process for reporting hate crimes can be found online."