A DOG owner is warning others to take caution after a "traumatic" incident has left her collie cross requiring more than £1,400 of veterinary treatment.

After swallowing a metal fish hook, Kirsty Gurney's dog, Karen required an emergency surgery procedure.

The incident occurred at Poole Quay, where the dog was drawn to a fishing rod which had been left unattended with bait still on the line.

After latching onto the beat and a short struggle the line broke.

However, at this point Ms Gurney and her partner realised Karen had swallowed the metal fish hook.

The fisherman returned to the scene and confirmed he was missing a hook so the couple rushed the 11-year-old dog to the Emergency VetCare practice on North Road, where staff carried out an overnight surgery.

The collie cross, which was on a lead at the time of the incident, required a number of painkillers and remained on codeine and tramadol for a week.

"She was in a lot of pain afterwards," Ms Gurney said.

"It was such a shock to the system and seeing it on the x-ray really hit home how serious the situation was.

"If it had been left and she digested it the damage would have been so much worse."

To date the treatment has cost £1,481 and left the dog requiring a number of follow up appointments at the vets.

Staff at the practice said it was fortunate that the couple brought the dog straight in for treatment.

Ms Gurney, who lives near Poole Quay, has returned to the scene of the incident and said she was shocked to still see the same fishing equipment left unattended.

She has been cautious of walking Karen along the quay and now uses a short lead and avoids walking near to the water.

"I want dog owners to know this is an issue and for them to be aware that this is a real danger," she added.

"If you lose focus even for one moment on the quay and that situation is there it can all happen so fast.

"It is frustrating because the fisherman knows this has happened but he doesn't seem to care.

"The whole incident was traumatic to an extent. Every time we had to go back to the vets it was all very emotional."