PLANNING approval has been granted for a new street food project in Boscombe, despite concerns being raised by Dorset Police.

StreetCube has permission to install four 10 foot shipping containers at 'Boscombe Corner' ­– the small square of council owned land opposite McDonalds in Christchurch Road.

Last month the 'collective of chefs and entrepreneurs' expressed concern that "lengthy council processes" were holding up the scheme, although the borough responded that it was simply following "due process".

Initially an objection was made to the plan by Dorset Police. John Green, the force's design advisor, said: "In a town centre location linked to the night time economy I suggest that even four units will attract anti-social behaviour.

"Even as a good security specification they may end up being targeted.

"I have done two surveys at this location due to anti-social behaviour and low level crime, and my recommendations then were that the area should be kept as clear as possible of structures to deter drug use, prostitutes and the area being used as a toilet.

"I will also highlight that the access at the back of this site is already the source of almost hourly arguments over car parking between the different parties already using the lane."

However, a report by planning officer Sophie Leon states that the objection was withdrawn after changes were made to the proposed layout of the containers.

A spokesman for StreetCube said previously that they may try to time the launch to match up with the Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe Festival this April.

The launch was due to take place this Spring, with celebrity chef Ainsley Harriot due to make an appearance.

The report states: "The proposal would introduce an active frontage, increase footfall and provide a purpose for this underused piece of land.

"The applicant has submitted plans for two phases, phase one introduces two containers and phase adds two more.

"The site is unlikely to be suitable for larger buildings as windows serving flats have been inserted into the flank walls of the adjoining building and a taller development could result in loss of privacy, light and outlook for these properties."

The four shipping containers are intended to each serve different cuisines, with chefs drafted in from around the town.

The council says the containers must maintain "an attractive appearance" and can only be in use between 7am and 11pm so as to minimise the impact of noise on nearby residents.

Each would be equipped with gas, electricity, water and hygienic space to prepare, cook and serve food via hatches, as well as deliveries to homes and offices.

Anyone interested in getting involved with the project, particularly with heavy lifting gear, can visit