IT'S difficult to believe that The Vamps have been releasing music for the last five years.

This is their fifth tour and their videos have more than one hundred million views on YouTube.

That practically makes them seasoned veterans in a day and age when bands are dropped after their first album.

I counted at least seven lorries outside so was quite surprised that the stage was relatively uncluttered.

However, once the show started the gigantic video screen covering the entire back of the stage soon accounted for a few of them (then there are all those support acts of course)

The four members, dressed in jeans and T-shirts, were welcomed onto the stage by a chorus of screams that returned with every move or question from the band.

With a set list full of tunes featuring unabashed pop songs, the band had the entire teenage crowd bouncing along for the entire evening.

The guys themselves are obviously talented musicians with Brad Simpson taking turns on guitar, drums and piano.

James McVey on lead guitar must have been particularly happy to be here tonight as he considers Bournemouth to be his hometown after living here since the age of four.

Opening with Staying Up, Last Night and Shades On they set a pretty decent pace that continued with their first hit single Can We Dance.

Another couple of songs in and they were joined on stage by Maggie Lindermann for versions of Personal and her own Pretty Girl. Hair Too Long and Friends were followed by a drum solo that years ago used to be the signal to go to the bar but this crowd were going nowhere (even if they had been old enough to use the bar).

The main set ended with Oh Cecilia but no one was moving before the end of the three-song encore of Wake Up, Same To You and All Night.

The crowd still looked as though the band could have played all night but it was time to meet the parents who had been patiently waiting out side for the last few hours.

These guys know how to put on a show and interact with an audience that will definitely be back next time The Vamps are in town