THE inquiry into alleged misselling at Tall Trees housing park has been dropped.

Dorset County Council's trading standards department launched the investigation soon after Christchurch Borough Council began enforcement action 18 months ago which threatened to evict those living on the park in Matchams Lane.

However, last month Christchurch council abruptly stopped its bid to enforce the site's official status as a holiday park, to the delight of residents who said a "one hundred tonne weight" had been lifted from their shoulders.

It had been alleged that residents were missold the homes on the basis that they were permanent residences.

However Ivan Hancock, county council trading standards service manager, said that with Christchurch's change of heart the investigation had been dropped.

"We have been informed that planning enforcement notices issued by Christchurch and East Dorset councils to the owner and residents of Tall Trees Park last year have been withdrawn, following the result of a recent appeal decided by the Planning Inspectorate relating to another local caravan site," he said.

"There was evidence of misselling at the time certain lodges were sold, which we investigated under the Fraud Act 2006 and Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.

"While those offences have not been proved in court, prior to the change in the applicable planning law to the site it was appropriate to investigate those formally, which we did.

"Due to the withdrawal of the planning enforcement notices, lodges at Tall Trees Park have now been granted ‘residential’ status which reduces the impact of any ‘misselling’ that may have taken place and so, in line with our enforcement policy, formal action is no longer being pursued.

"We will remain in contact with Christchurch and East Dorset councils and work with them towards ensuring the current owners of Tall Trees Park issue the appropriate licence agreements to residents under the Mobile Homes Act 1983/2013."

He added: "It is a relief for all concerned that this matter has finally been resolved without residents having to consider leaving their homes."