A COMPROMISE has been reached over controversial plans to change the closing times at three schools in Bournemouth after a backlash from parents.

Avonbourne Trust, which oversees Avonbourne and Harewood colleges, Avonwood Primary and Avonbourne Sixth Form, has amended its original proposals for new school hours following a consultation.

Plans had been put forward to amend the school day so that the two colleges would end later and Avonwood Primary would finish earlier.

This was supported, the trust claims, by parents saying they felt the school day at Avonwood was too long.

However, as reported by the Daily Echo, some parents were angry and disappointed with the proposals.

Following this response the school has amended its original proposals, which will come into force from September 1 2018, to the following:

n Avonbourne and Harewood colleges will be open from 8.35am to 3.35pm

n Avonwood Primary will be open from 9am to 3.15pm

n Avonbourne Sixth Form will be the same as the two colleges except some classes will continue until 4.35pm

The original proposals were 8.30am to 3.30pm for the colleges and 9am to 3pm for Avonwood.

A statement from Avonbourne Trust says: "As a Trust we have to take a decision that we feel works best for the education of all our children and also works within our travel plan, which means our schools must have staggered opening and closing times.

"We have listened to parents' concerns and tried to take them on board as much as we can and we would very much like to thank them for their comments"