A TOOL for ‘listening’ to social media has attracted the interest of angel investors, along with an artificial intelligence app promoting mental and physical health.

The ideas were put to Dorset Business Angels (DBA) at their quarterly pitch event.

The real-time social listening platform was presented by a team which counts ITV, Twitter and the Premier League among its clients.

The business analyses online conversation to help clients understand who their audience are, what they are saying and why. It uses custom-built natural language processing software which claims to read and understand emotions within text, as well as attempting to profile the author.

Case studies were presented that covered the EU referendum results on Twitter and the Queen’s 90th birthday. The partners behind the venture partnered last year with global research and consultancy firm Gartner.

The idea prompted expressions of interest from the angels, as did an AI app in the ‘wellness’ sector.

The creators of the app are seeking £250,000 in equity investment to complete their product.

They claim workers are “sitting ourselves to death”, with sedentary working lives contributing to the sick days that cost UK businesses £29billion each year.

A desktop program and accompanying mobile app deliver personalised ‘nudges’ throughout the working day, motivating people to make positive health choices. Users will subscribe to the app, which is expected to cost £5.50 each month.

DBA chairman Don McQueen said: “It was an incredibly interesting evening. We were delighted to welcome a couple of new investors to the room, who had read about the opportunities within the Dorset Business Angels network.

“We would always encourage anyone interested in finding out more about us to register to come along to one of our events. They would always be welcome.”

The angels also offered some advice to the creators of a wearable payment device.

The idea, which has gained approval from Mastercard, was for the world’s first contactless payment rings. The fitness sector was identified as a particular target market, and the presenting team were seeking £500,000 for a 12 per cent share of the company.

The investors also heard from an organic produce store, which received feedback and an offer to share its details, and the team behind a TV crime drama series which they hope aim to pitch to US and Euroepan TV networks.

DBA was formed in 2013 with the aim of bringing investors and entrepreneurs together to accelerate the growth of early stage businesses. It provides quality, private equity investment opportunities to local high net worth and sophisticated investors.