PEOPLE trying to leave Royal Bournemouth Hospital last night were stuck in the car park for over an hour.

Roadworks in Barrack Road, Christchurch had a major impact on traffic in the area last night, with delays again this morning.

It led to tailbacks outside the hospital in Castle Lane East towards Iford. Traffic is also very slow today.

Travel Dorset has said temporary traffic signals will be removed at around 3pm today.

Lorraine Davies told the Daily Echo yesterday evening she had been stuck in the hospital car park for an hour-and-a-half.

She said she spoke to both the hospital and police via 101 but "nobody wants to help".

"The police said that because it's due to roadworks, it's not their problem, and the hospital are not doing anything either about it. It's appalling," she said.

"Nobody cares for the welfare of unwell people in their cars. I'm sat here with a broken foot. There's a man in the car in front of me in a wheelchair, and there are people with babies who cannot get out of the hospital car park."

Royal Bournemouth Hospital tweeted to say its "parking team is working to keep traffic flowing around our site."