A WARD at Royal Bournemouth Hospital used by people with life-threatening illnesses is being refurbished.

Ward 11 is being transformed to help enhance the area for patients while they undergo treatment, with J.P Morgan making a donation towards the cost of the refurbishment.

Maria Tidy, senior corporate fundraiser at Bournemouth Hospital Charity, said: “We are delighted and truly grateful that J.P. Morgan has supported this project and that we have been able to refurbish Ward 11.

“The majority of the patients using Ward 11 will have a stay of three to four weeks but sometimes a stay of up to four months is necessary following certain cancer treatments and the refurbishment provides these patients with better surroundings and facilities which is often the key to recovery and the success of their treatment.”

Tracey Struthers Frost and Earl Gooden, both members of the J.P. Morgan Community Relations Committee, visited the ward to see what had been accomplished so far.

Tracey said: “The rooms and nurses' station were really bright and colourful and we are delighted to have been able to help.”