VETERINARY nurses treating a bulldog rescued from beneath a burning caravan have wept at the extent of his injuries.

As reported in the Daily Echo, Leo was treated for smoke inhalation and serious burns after the fire in Suffolk Avenue, Christchurch.

The blaze broke out at the home of Christine Sellers on Monday, February 26. Leo, 18 months old, is owned by her son-in-law Mike, who also lives at the address.

The pet is being treated by vets working for the PDSA in Bournemouth. His treatment costs around £300 a day.

Mrs Sellers said: "I just want to thank the PDSA for everything they've done for us.

"We've had three appointments already this week, and every single one costs hundreds of pounds.

"The vets have to put Leo under general anaesthetic when they see him because the treatment for his burns is just so unbearable for him. It's been absolutely awful.

"His skin is falling off.

"The PDSA have been amazing. One of the nurses was in tears when she was going through the details of Leo's treatment with me.

"That's how much they care. They're so dedicated to the animals they help.

"I think they're all angels for what they've done for us."

Brave Kevin Croxton, a family friend, rescued Leo from the flames.

He said he went to the property after spotting smoke billowing from half a mile away.

The caravan that caught fire was parked between the driveway of two properties. As a result, Mr Croxton had to climb through the smoke-filled house to rescue Leo, who was cowering under the blazing caravan.

"He was just in a state, but I managed to coax him out.

"Then I went back through the house," Mr Croxton said.

Mrs Sellers told Leo's story to raise funds for the PDSA. To donate, visit