DORSET residents are still struggling to buy milk and bread more than four days since it stopped snowing in the county.

Shelves have been empty for days as companies have struggled to transport essential items around the country.

While most stores have been able to provide non-perishable items such as tinned food, many have struggled with daily purchases such as bread and milk.

Yesterday shelves were still empty at Tesco Express and Iceland in Westbourne, Bournemouth.

A sign was placed on an empty shelf at Iceland which said: "Due to the farmers and depot still trying to recover from the bad weather, we are experiencing extreme shortages of milk. Sorry for any inconvenience."

At Tesco Express there was just one carton of coconut milk on the shelf.

However, the nearby branch of Tesco at Branksome and the Marks and Spencer food hall in Westbourne had plenty of milk and bread.

One Dorset farmer told the Daily Echo he had been forced to pour away supplies on Friday because a transport company was unable to collect the milk.

Most farms are unable to store milk in large quantities but cows have to be milked regularly.