RESIDENTS across the conurbation were struggling to buy milk yesterday morning, after deliveries from dairy farms were hampered by Storm Emma.

Matt Miles, from Bournemouth, said: “This is the most bizarre Sunday morning I’ve ever had. I’ve been to two Tesco’s, an Aldi and a Co-op, and none of them had any milk.

“Lots of people were trying to get milk but we’re all being told by the supermarkets that they have been unable to get the wagons in, the milk deliveries, because of the weather conditions.”

Matt said there was no milk at Tesco in Charminster, Tesco on Holdenhurst Road, Aldi on Holdenhurst Road and the Co-op near Bournemouth railway station.

“I think Bournemouth is officially out of milk.”

At Tesco in Bournemouth, which was also out of milk, staff confirmed recent conditions had affected milk deliveries.

While most dairy farmers have refrigerated milk storage tanks, they can only hold a certain amount. Some farmers have already had to dispose of milk that has been uncollected.