CHECK your purse and raid your piggy bank. Today is the last chance to use your paper £10 notes in the shops.

The old-style note will no longer be legal tender after today.

The note has been replaced by the plastic Jane Austen note which was introduced in September, replacing the notes that carry the image of Charles Darwin.

It was introduced a year after the launch of the first polymer note, the £5 note featuring Winston Churchill.

The new £20 is not due to enter circulation until 2020.

Figures from the Bank of England suggest around 200m tenners worth £2bn remain in circulation.

According to a survey released by Paym, around 2million ‘millennials’ will try to pay back friends using the old paper £10 notes.

The paper notes can no longer be spent in shops and will only be exchanged by banks at their discretion.

The only way to exchange the old paper notes is through the Bank of England, which will replace notes posted to them, or in person.