IN last Thursday's article (Feb 1) about the A338-Wessex Fields Link proposals, Ian Kalra, Bournemouth council's transport chief, is quoted as saying that air pollution was expected to remain "within the threshold set for the protection of human health".

Thresholds are essentially arbitrarily drawn lines, however, and the fact that a pollutant's level is below this line does not mean no health risk. PM2.5, one of the most damaging transport-related pollutants - and one expected to increase should the scheme go ahead - has no known safe level.

As to Head of Economic Development Chris Shephard and Cabinet Member for Transport Cllr Mike Greene's comments re: jobs creation and economic growth, they should read their own socio-economic statement released with the planning application. It states quite plainly that the scheme will only be of 'minor' employment benefit. Despite this, they wish to destroy a significant part of Bournemouth's cultural and environmental heritage.

Oscar Wilde's comment about those "who know the price of everything and the value of nothing" comes to mind.


Throop Road, Bournemouth