A POOLE man who punched a pub manager during a violent outburst has been handed a suspended prison sentence.

Kurt James, 23, of Sterte Court, appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court on Monday January 29, after admitting a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm on Richard Bannister at an earlier magistrates court hearing.

During the crown sentencing, the court heard how James and another man, called, Aaron, had been chasing a third party - a regular called Darren - when Mr Bannister stepped in.

When the pub manager intervened to stop James chasing Darren into the pub, an argument ensued, the court was told.

Prosecuting, Thomas Wilkins, said: "He (Mr Bannister) turned his head slightly, then felt a full, forceful impact to his jaw."

The injury, caused by a single blow, required stitches and he sustained bruising.

Mr Wilkins added: "He (Mr Bannister) was off work, lost confidence and felt people were judging him because of his injuries.

"It left him very wary, it left him wanting to leave the pub where he had worked."

Defending, Thomas Acworth said his client had pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity and was "a man who describes himself as being easily led."

Mr Acworth also revealed that James suffered from dyspraxia, a form of development coordination disorder that can lead to social and emotional difficulties, and since the incident he no longer socialised with the people he did at that time.

Sentencing unemployed James to 16 weeks in prison, suspended for 15 months, Judge Brian Forster QC, said: "The person you were involved with was only doing his job.

"He has been seriously affected by what happened that night.

"Please take this as a real wake-up call. Ask yourself where you want to be in tow years time."

James was also ordered complete 100 hours of unpaid work, to attend rehabilitation with the probation service and pay a £115 victim surcharge.