HIGHCLIFFE School is hoping to add six classrooms through a new building on the site.

The establishment on Parkside has submitted a bid to the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) for the project.

Academies such as Highcliffe have to request funding from ESFA to carry out developments and improvements.

To support the bid for a two-storey building the school has submitted a planning application to Christchurch Borough Council.

If approved, the development will make use of a currently redundant grass area towards the front of the site.

The classroom building is being proposed to provide "much-needed" space to accommodate the school's current students.

A statement submitted alongside the application notes that the school is not taking on any additional pupils or staff.

It adds the key points considered within the design concept were:

To create a welcome bright and modern environment to meet the needs of young people.

Capable of providing safe modern stimulating environment for staff and young people.

Be secure by nature of design.

Be innovative in the use of space and light.

Be energy efficient and cost effective to maintain and operate.

Be sustainable in both constructions and operation.

Simon Fuller, director of business and finance at Highcliffe School, said: "It's important we have the right environment for the students to learn in.

"We want to give the students as good a chance as they and that is why we are looking to improve.

"Students are working very hard. We have a good intake of students and we're hopeful about how year 11 and 13 are going to do."