CAMERAS can be used to catch ticket dodgers in a Marks and Spencer car park, Bournemouth council says.

Euro Car Parks Limited has received planning permission to install Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras, one wall-mounted and another on a four metre high column, in the car park of the food store at 58-60 Seamoor Road in Westbourne.

There will be nine new signs warning that payment is required to park.

The move provoked some opposition from residents concerned about parking and traffic problems in the area.

Among those submitting objections were Jackey Sippitts of Poole Road, who wrote: "A lot of the residents rely on a space in the car park at night time (which is outside Marks and Spencer's opening hours) as parking is so limited.

"We feel that Marks and Spencer/Euro Car Parks should have some compassion for the people who actually live here and not make a bad area to park even worse."

Another resident, Paolo De Luca, said the camera positioned at the car park exit would be "in breach of privacy to the residents", noting that the exit road is a private road not owned by the store.

However, in a report council planning officer Steve Davies said: "I do not consider that the principle of car park management is a planning consideration in this instance for a long established premises.

"The current application only seeks consent for the cameras and signage associated with the method of parking management.

"Whilst understanding the concerns of local people the way the car park is managed is a matter for the store to determine.

"This is being carried out elsewhere and a similar consent was approved for Waitrose in Winton."

The car park currently has a deal where tickets can be refunded in the store when other goods are purchased. Enforcement has been carried out by a marked camera vehicle which is rarely on site.

The infa-red ANPR cameras would be positioned at the entrance and exit of the car park site.