AN INSPIRATIONAL Poole man who lost more than 20 stone in two years says he "feels like a teenager again".

Shaun Carrington, 31, had struggled with his weight since his teenage years. By the age of 29, he weighed 33st 10lbs, and suffered with a range of health problems.

He also felt self-conscious, shying away from social activities, even with friends and family, and unable to see the doctor.

“Because I was so self-conscious, I hadn’t been to see a doctor in years. I was too scared to go down and hear the truth,” he said.

Walking up and down stairs left Mr Carrington out of breath, and he suffered from joint pain, back pain and painful skin infections.

“I had a couple of quite prolonged bouts of cellulitis skin infections which took even longer to heal because of the weight I was carrying,” he said.

However, just two years after reaching his highest weight, Mr Carrington is now just over 13st.

He joined Slimming World a week after his 29th birthday after seeing the success mum Karen had with the organisation.

Mr Carrington, who grew up in Weymouth, is re-launching a Slimming World group in West Dorset to help others who want to lose weight.

And he said he understands how newcomers to group meetings feel.

“I was basically dragged through the door," he said.

“I think a lot of men can relate – you look at slimming clubs and you think it’s a very female-dominated world.

“I was terrified about walking into group the first day fearing I would be the only man there. But it’s not like that, there are plenty of men and everyone was so friendly and really supportive. The biggest motivation is from other members and their support.

“There’s no better choice I could have made than going through those doors two years ago."

Mr Carrington reached his target weight just before the new year and says he has a new found enthusiasm for life – even taking on a 20-mile cycle ride in September as part of challenge Lulworth Off-Road.

He said: “I feel like a teenager again.

"I have so much energy I enjoy going out mountain biking with friends and by myself.

“My self-confidence has built hugely. I’m doing things I could never have done before,"