POLICE officers in Christchurch have launched a new "dynamic" approach to the way they operate in the borough.

Neighbourhood teams will now be deployed on a more flexible basis and are deemed to be borderless when going about their duties.

Dorset Police say this will allow officers to work on each other's areas to deal with important issues at that given time.

Neighbourhood policing teams have retained the same names, but under the new approach will be seen working on other patches if needed.

Inspector Cheyne Marley, of East Dorset police, said: “Christchurch NPT together with all NPT’s within the Eastern section have seen an exciting opportunity to be more dynamic in supporting our communities, by being more flexible, visible and accessible in the deployment of our teams.

“There has not been a reduction officers being available, we are keen to place our officers in the right places at the right time.”

The changes came into effect last Thursday, February 1.

Insp Marley was keen to stress that the change is not a move to cut resources or numbers.

Officers are now expected to work in a focussed manner to deal with priority issues.

In December, police chiefs explained the new approach, alongside giving new roles and responsibilities to some PCSOs, was part of the forces operational business design (OBD).

At the time, Chief Superintendent Colin Searle said the aim of the OBD is to provide "the most efficient and effective policing we can".

"There is particularly high demand in the conurbation, but we have to make sure we are satisfying the needs of rural areas as well," Ch Supt said.

"We need to respond to all in need, and particularly the vulnerable.

"There is no cutting of individuals - it's about having the right resources in the right place to deliver high-quality policing in Dorset.

"Neighbourhood resources are still there and still dedicated."