A HUNGER strike is being held to demand proportional representation be introduced.

Among those taking part locally are former Poole council leader and Liberal Democrat Brian Clements, as well as Green Party members Barbara Czoch of New Forest West and David Smith of South Dorset.

The 24 hour hunger strike is due to take place today, marking 100 years since women first won the vote.

Others taking part nationally include the Green Party's South West England MEP Molly Scott Cato.

Ms Czoch, who lives in Bransgore, said: "We will be finishing the day with an open meeting where top of the agenda will be the proposed unitary authorities.

"While many benefits can be drawn from sharing resources, these benefits may be outweighed by local democracy being taken a step further away if decision making becomes too centralised.

"Implementing PR for the election of new councillors would redress the balance by making seats match votes, ensuring adequate and accurate representation rather than an overwhelmingly Conservative council that would surely be returned by FPTP.

"Councils notably perform more efficiently when made up of a mix of political viewpoints."

For more information follow #Hungry4Democracy on Twitter or attend the meeting at 7pm at the East Cliff United Reform Church in Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth.