BOURNEMOUTH University has honoured a long-serving member of staff and former student who passed away last summer.

Alan Brown, who had been at the university for 37 years most recently working as a radio technician, sadly died in late July 2017.

To commemorate and recognise his dedication and care both in helping students and staff, and producing his very own catalogue of award winning radio work, the radio studios at the university have been renamed the Alan Brown Studio Suite.

Members of Alan's family, including wife Mel and daughter Freya, were joined by colleagues from the Faculty of Media and Communication at a special unveiling event on Friday.

"He was very passionate about his subject, his students and everything to do with sound and radio. He enjoyed teaching and working with students, seeing them run with it, get in the studio and it was absolutely what he lived for," Mel said.

"It is the most wonderful and fitting tribute you have chosen to remember him here at the university, in the studios where he spent so much of his time."

Final year BA Multimedia Journalism students Mark Briggs and Olivia Shortall, who both developed their skills for radio under Alan's guidance, hosted a special show live in one of the studios at the Talbot Campus for BIRSt (Bournemouth Internet Radio Station).

The broadcast included a segment of Alan's award winning radio feature, Walls Have Ears, which claimed a prize at the Broadcast Education Awards, Las Vegas.

Michael Wilmore, ?executive dean of the Faculty of Media and Communication, said: "Everybody who had the pleasure of working with Alan directly will attest to the incredible influence he has had on the people who have studied and worked here at Bournemouth University over the 37 years that he was here.

"The impact of someone is measured in a very personal way when they work directly with the students and staff, but Alan's impact is much more profound than that.

"This place, this Faculty of Media and Communication at Bournemouth University, is as good as it is for everyone whether they worked directly with Alan or not because of the incredible professional dedication he exhibited every single day of his working life here at Bournemouth University.

"The fact this studio is going to be named after him and everyone who now comes into this studio or the radio studios that come after this one, wherever we teach radio and audio, Alan's name will now be associated with those spaces, with those experiences of everyone, who not only has worked at Bournemouth University, but will work at Bournemouth University in the future."

Long-term colleague, friend and lecturer Seán Street sent in a moving tribute, which said Alan's spirit was in the fabric of the studios and what he did for radio and Bournemouth University was "immeasurable", adding what he did for every student and colleague of his is "unforgettable".

Fellow university technician and close friend Saeed Rashid shared his memories of Alan on air, including how his now expensive habit for buying a pair of industry-leading headphones was sparked by Alan.

Radio lecturer Jo Tyler also spoke during the show sharing lecturer John Brissenden's tribute, which was based on just a single meeting with Alan.

John said while Alan's knowledge and experience were obvious, it was his "kindness, generosity and collegial spirit" that stood out, leaving all those who met him inspired "to try and at least to work to his high standards".

Following the event Mel presented an award in Alan's name for the best radio production skills shown at the university's Broadcast Journalism awards. The first ever recipient of the award was second year student Ryan Evans.