BOROUGH engineers have still not confirmed an official opening date for Poole Bridge.

The re-opening of the 90-year-old lifting bridge has been pushed back seven times since the project started, and the original £4.7million costs are likely to have grown significantly.

Earlier this month the Echo learned that a series of overnight closures had already been scheduled for the bridge, despite it still having no firm opening date.

Borough of Poole (BOP) said at that time - a position it maintained yesterday (Jan 12) - that the opening would take place mid-January.

Officials have said every effort is being made to complete the final stages of the project.

Currently the operating features of the structure are being tested. However, because of the delayed delivery of permanent timber footway panels from the Czech Republic, the contractor Interserve made the decision towards the end of the summer to install a temporary walkway.

If the bridge does open this month, from January 29 until February 13 it will close overnight, during weekdays, to enable the permanent walkways to be installed.