TEENAGE boys who risked their lives "bus surfing" in Bournemouth have been slammed as "dangerous, reckless and irresponsible."

Police and Yellow Buses boss David Squire have joined forces urging youngsters to put a stop to the "incredibly dangerous" behaviour before someone is killed.

Two boys filmed their actions on a GoPro camera and posted the footage on YouTube under the heading Urban Teens.

It shows them clinging to the back of a Yellow Bus all the way from the town centre to Westbourne before they were eventually chased off.

Alongside the video they wrote: "So me and my mate didn't have enough bus money to get home so we went the extreme way, do not repeat as it is very dangerous and could kill someone easily."

The video was posted alongside another which shows boys clambering over rooftops in Bournemouth town centre, risking their lives by balancing on narrow ledges and jumping over wide gaps several storeys high.

The bus video, filmed around two weeks ago, shows the boys chasing after a double decker bus near the Hilton Hotel.

They hold on to the bus as it reaches speeds of around 30mph, travelling past the Triangle, along Poole Road and into Westbourne.

The boys are seen to let go of the bus when it stops at bus stops and they run away when they are spotted outside the Westbourne public house.

They have attempted to block out their faces on the video, but there are moments when they can be seen clearly.

The shocking video comes two years after Yellow Buses hit out at a man who travelled along a busy Bournemouth road, clinging to the back of a 5a bus.

Mr Squire, Managing Director, Yellow Buses, said: "This is incredibly dangerous, reckless and irresponsible behaviour putting not only the lives of the people involved at risk but also posing a huge hazard to other road users. It should not be attempted under any circumstances.

"We have real concerns that this video could spark copy cat incidents and would urge anyone with information about this incident to contact police so that appropriate action can be taken against the individuals involved."

Deputy Inspector Guy Nicholas, of the Bournemouth Central Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: "It should be obvious that riding on the outside of a moving bus or other motor vehicle is an incredibly dangerous thing to do. Not only is there a clear risk to the individual if they were to fall off, but to other road users as well.

"Sadly many antics such as we have seen in the circulated clip may be seen as amusing or thrill-seeking but end in tragedy.

"The impact on those around can be devastating and I would urge this activity to stop before somebody is seriously injured or killed."

Anyone with information about those involved should call Dorset Police on 101.