COMPLAINTS have been made after a Christchurch leisure centre’s temporary heating system pumped exhaust fumes into the pool area.

Christchurch council say they urgently are trying to find a solution to the problem at Two Riversmeet Leisure Centre, which has seen temperatures far colder than normal in the poolside area.

But complaints have been made by users, including attendees of the ladies’ aquafit classes, who say they are not getting what they’ve paid for.

A spokesperson for the group said some members with asthma had to leave the pool this week after feeling unwell, with the chilly temperatures putting others off attending the classes at all.

The spokesperson for the group said: “The lifeguards are sat in thick fleeces and if you’re doing classes, it’s really cold in there.

“It’s okay if you are swimming as you’re immersed in the warm water, but outside it’s freezing.

“They need to spend the money and get this fixed as soon as possible.

“This is the only leisure centre in the borough and is used by so many people of all ages.”

It is understood a permanent solution could take up to 12 weeks.

Judith Plumley, head of community and leisure, at the council said they were working hard to find a solution “as quickly as possible.”

“The poolside air heating equipment at Two Riversmeet Leisure Complex failed just before Christmas and, despite substantial investigation, we have been unable to fix the system.

“At the earliest opportunity we made efforts to then find a solution to the issue and as an interim arrangement we installed a temporary diesel powered indirect air heating system last week.

“To our huge disappointment this has also failed due to fumes infiltrating into the poolside area, which should not happen with an indirect air heating system.

“A permanent fix is being worked on, but the council are also hoping to have a temporary solution as well.

“The temperature of the pool water and changing rooms are not affected, however it’s appreciated that the poolside area is colder than usual.”