POLICE have tracked down and fined a litter lout who was caught chucking rubbish out their car window on dashcam.

The footage, which was posted on the Bournemouth Echo website in October, showed the motorist throwing multiple items of litter onto the Dorset Way in Poole.

A dashcam in the car behind captured the moment two lots of rubbish were tossed out the Renault Clio’s passenger side window. The footage sparked outrage from campaigners Litter Free Dorset, who have been working with Dorset Waste Partnership to tackle the issue of roadside littering.

Two months since the Echo handed over the footage to Dorset Police, a woman from Poole has been fined for the offence.

A spokesperson for the force said: “As a result of enquiries, the motorist involved in the incident, a 44-year-old woman from Poole, has been identified.

“She has been spoken to and issued with a £60 fine, which she has now paid.

“We would like to thank the Bournemouth Echo for raising awareness of the issue and we will always take action where appropriate to ensure that those responsible for littering on public highways are identified and dealt with accordingly.”

This year, Litter Free Dorset rolled out its Bin It, Don’t Fling It! campaign in the hope of tidying up Dorset’s roads as it has become one of the main environmental issues to blight the county.

Project officer Charlie Wild said the group found everything from wet wipes and barbecue items to car parts and kayak vests when they carried out a mass clear up of roadside litter.

People who drop litter in Poole could be landed with a £75 fine if they are caught, including those who litter while inside a vehicle. In Bournemouth, the fine increases to £80.

Charlie previously told the Daily Echo: “Initial perceptions at the start of the campaign were that the majority of roadside litter would be made up of fast food packaging. However, only a small portion of what we’ve found has come directly from the traditional fast-food outlets.

“The vast amount of roadside litter that we have found is small, flyaway items such as crisp packets and sweet wrappers. By having a paper bag in your car to store rubbish over the duration of your journey, rather than throwing items out of the window, we can work towards creating a Litter Free Dorset. Small steps like this can really make a huge difference, both for residents to the area and visitors.”