A BID to build a six storey block of flats on a Bournemouth pay and display car park has resurfaced - continuing the trend of plans to develop on parking sites in the town centre.

Applicant ASN Capital Project Gamma Ltd already has outline planning permission for the block of 71 flats, set for the car park site at 8-10 Madeira Road, opposite the police station.

Confusingly the site is subject to an alternative bid by ‘Arts University Bournemouth & ASN Capital Project’, which secured permission in 2016 for a six storey block containing 240 student flats.

The original ASN ‘outline’ scheme was submitted back in 2014, but the firm has now put in a new ‘reserved matters’ bid for the landscaping around the block, which has again been approved by council planning officers.

In a report, planning officer Emma Patchell said: "The proposed development is for approval of reserved matters in respect of landscaping, following an outline application granted in 2015 for the erection of a 4/5/6 storey block of 71 flats with underground parking, cycle and bin storage.

"The impact of the proposed development on the character and appearance of this area were all assessed as part of the outline application, having regard to the scale, layout and appearance of this block of flats.

"The layout of the block of flats was considered in keeping to the area and as parking is underground there is scope for some good quality soft landscaping to help soften the appearance of the building.

"The submitted plan provides a good degree of landscape planting and ensures the protection of trees along the boundary."

The area has seen extensive construction in the past few years, with the part council-owned Bournemouth Development Company building the Citrus Building flats and restaurant complex at one end of Madeira Road and new student accommodation at the other, opposite the current proposal.

That student accommodation complex comprised 378 flats in a seven-storey building, as well as a 382 space multi-storey car park for public use.

While the Madeira Road car park is operated by private company Brittania Parking, the plans will see another town centre car park lost to housing alongside a number of council owned sites.

Construction has begun on a major scheme at Berry Court car park. Two blocks of flats on St Stephens Road car park were approved in January. Cotlands Road, Eden Glen, Glen Fern and Richmond Hill surface car parks have all been earmarked for development.

Flat plans on Durley Road car park on the West Cliff were rejected by civic chiefs, but a new application is due to be submitted.

The Winter Gardens development site includes building on land which currently provides 225 parking spaces. However, the proposals include a below-ground car park that will maintain the same number of spaces.