A YOUNG man who was killed in a late-night car crash was driving at 86 miles an hour - double the speed limit, an inquest heard.

Jasper Collins, 21, died from a head injury after his white Volkswagen Scirocco smashed into a tree on Crow Lane in Ringwood.

Winchester Coroner's Court heard that Mr Collins was also likely to have been over the drink drive limit at the time of the crash at around 2am, having been socialising with friends after a shift at the pub where he worked.

CCTV footage recovered from a residents' house nearby showed Mr Collins was driving at around 86 miles per hour on the 40mph limit road.

Mr Collins, of Ringwood Road, Bransgore, was partially revived at the scene but later died at Southampton General Hospital on August 8.

Philip Robertson, the manager of the Elm Tree pub, said Mr Collins left the pub to drive home after work at around 1.45am.

"I don't know how much alcohol he had had after work but there was only one receipt for a pint of Fosters," he said.

But PC Robert Giles said Mr Collins was, "twice the speed limit with a significant level of alcohol in his system."

Toxicology results showed 48mg per 100ml of alcohol in Mr Collins' blood - below the drink drive limit - but this was recorded around two hours after the incident after some alcohol had been eliminated from his system.

He said analysis showed Mr Collins had drunk "considerably more than one pint of Fosters".

PC Emma Clifford told the court Mr Collins used to travel on the stretch of road between his work and his home so he was familiar with the route, but that it was possible he was unfamiliar with the handling and the performance of his new Volkswagen, which he bought two weeks before his death.

Since Mr Collins' death, a decision notice has been issued by Hampshire County Council to reduce the speed limit on Crow Lane to 30mph, which is likely to come into effect following the completion of a nearby housing development.

Coroner Grahame Short said it was "likely" Mr Collins was over the drink drive limit, but that it was difficult to be precise due to the delay before blood alcohol was taken.

"I believe this was a combination of youthful exuberance and the effects of alcohol, combined with a new car." he said.

He recorded a conclusion of road traffic collision.

Following his death his mum, Anne Collins, said: “As you can imagine, we are devastated, heartbroken. No words can sum it up. Just 21 years old, now forever young."

"Jasper was truly a good boy – I would say that wouldn’t I, but it is so true. So kind, cheeky, funny, and such a dear friend to so many."